Battistella Company

Battistella Company is one of Italy's leading manufacturers in the production of furniture and systems. It is the holding company that coordinates and controls all the companies in the Group named after it.
Over the years, we have structured our organization so that it now occupies three manufacturing facilities to offer support and unbeatable efficiency to the contract market as well as the world of designers and developers. The Battistella name is now associated in the marketplace with our three brands – Novamobili, Nidi and Cinquanta3 – spawned by the company's know-how, each featuring its own specific personality


Novamobili is the Battistella Company brand offering modular systems and furniture solutions for the living room and bedroom, standing out for its eclectic, colourful and refined settings.


Research into contemporary lifestyles and how we inhabit today's spaces has resulted in Nidi – the kids' and teens' bedroom furniture brand – and Cinquanta3 – a functional furniture project for domestic and public spaces.


Baco is the semi-finished goods production unit specifically established to serve the needs of Novamobili, Nidi and Cinquanta3, and thus manage and handle the whole process in-house.