From our origins to the present day

The Group's history

Early pieces
of furniture

Alfredo Battistella, having learned the secrets of the woodworking trade in the workshop of a master craftsman, purchased a small shed and started producing furniture: and so Battistella was born.

Laminate children's
bedroom furniture

Battistella launches a new line of laminate children's bedroom furniture, the first company in Italy to do so.

Novamobili is born

A period marked by hard work and gaining momentum, a time of investment in cutting-edge technologies and new market trends; Alfredo Battistella starts producing furniture and systems and founds Novamobili.

A special accolade

Alfredo Battistella receives a knighthood, appointed Officer of the Italian Republic.

Second knighthood

Alfredo Battistella is awarded an even higher honour - the grade of Commander - on the recommendation of the President of the Council of Ministers.

The Quanto series

Launch of the Quanto series with its innovative curved feature door, still seen today in the Alfa Curvo model.

Truciolo d'oro award

Alfredo Battistella is awarded the Truciolo d’oro by Federlegno-Arredo in recognition of his work promoting wood and its use in furniture in Italy's Northeast.

New management

Mario Battistella takes over the company reins from his father.

A single HQ

Novamobili's administration moves to the Battistella headquarters in Pieve di Soligo outside Treviso.

A bedroom-specific line

The Klou and Polo collections, first presented in 2000, are merged in Klou XL, a single large line offering, above all, children's bedroom furniture, though appealing to a wider public.

Novamobili evolves

From children's bedrooms and wardrobes, Novamobili's focus shifts to furniture for the contemporary home, changing its identify and core product. The "Tempo" line is introduced with a series of catalogues covering wardrobes, bedroom and living room furniture and walk-in wardrobes, with a view to repositioning the new products.

The Blog line

Blog is the line of modular wall system and freestanding furniture with partial overlay doors and 30mm-thick uprights, designed to furnish kids' bedrooms, the living room and office.

The Nidi project

The long-established Polo-Klou collection spawns the Nidi design project. Battistella chooses to support the "I Bambini delle Fate" foundation.

First "Rete di impresa" business agreement

Battistella is the first Group in the furniture industry to implement the "Rete di impresa" agreement among its own companies ("Rete di impresa" is an instrument devised to regulate collaboration and exchange between businesses).

Cinquanta3 and Flagship store Gioia8 are born

The Cinquanta3 comprehensive furniture system is developed as an offshoot of the Blog collection and, in Milan, Novamobili's first Flagship store is officially opened.